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Capacitors of various types and sizes

Ceramic Capacitors
Ceramic and Film Trimmers
Electrolytic Capacitors 85C
Electrolytic Capacitors for impulse work 105C
Miniature Electrolytic Capacitors 105C
Electrolytic Capacitors 105C - low ESR (low impedance)
Electrolytic Capacitors 105C - type SA/SC, OS-CON (low impedance)
Electrolytic Capacitors, bipolar
Electrolytic Capacitors, axial
Electrolytic Capacitors SNAP-IN, Backup Capacitors, with screws
Monolithic Capacitors
Film Capacitors MKT, polyester
Capacitors MKP, propylene
Capacitors MKS and FKS, polyester, metallized
Suppression Capacitors MKP series, X2 and Y2 class
Capacitors MKSE
Tantalum Capacitors
Capacitors KFMP
Styroflex and Polystyrene Capacitors
Electrolytic Capacitors SMD
Ceramic, Monolithic and Tantalum Capacitors SMD
Ceramic Capacitors SMD - size 0402
Ceramic Capacitors SMD - size 0603
Ceramic Capacitors SMD - size 0805
Ceramic Capacitors SMD - size 1206
Ceramic Capacitors SMD - size 1210, 1812, 2220

We invite to our Virtual Store

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