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Wires, Cables, Cable Accessories

Low-voltage Cables
Ribbon Cables (low-voltage)
Unshielded and Foiled Twisted Pair Cables (UTP and FTP), Installation Cables
Low-voltage Wires - Kynar, TEFZEL, TEFLON
Cable Assemblies with EURO plug (SCART)
Cable Assemblies with RCA plugs and sockets (cinch)
Cable Assemblies with JACK plugs and sockets
Cable Assemblies for TV, Extension Cables for Antennas, BNC-RG58 and BNC-RG59
Coaxial Assemblies for High-Frequency 0...6GHz
Cable Assemblies SVHS, FireWire, HDMI and DVI
Optic Cables, Optical Fibres
Power Cords (230V)
Resistance Wires (KANTHAL)
Coil Wires, copper (Cu), enamelled
Wires - copper (Cu), silver plated, tinned
Wires - copper (Cu), brass (without insulation)
Telephone Cable Assemblies
Computer Cables
USB Cables
Cable Ties and Holders, Glands and Grommets
Power Cables with DC plugs
Test Leads for Measuring Instruments
Auxillary Cables, various
Ribbon Flat Cables FFC - pitch: 0.5; 1.00; 1.25 mm
Gold Pin Connectors

We invite to our Virtual Store

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